Women's Designer Clothes or the High Street?

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Women's designer clothes are highly popular, despite the hefty price tag that comes with them and the, which is further compounded by the current economic climate. Some people who prefer to shop on the high street than to purchase from expensive designers question the motives for wishing to spend such a lot of money on ladies' clothing. Different people give different different reasons.

Women's Designer Clothes for Quality

Many people believe that women's designers offer a better quality than high street shops. Very often designer clothes are seen on the catwalk and are imitated very quickly and offered for sale in high street stores. However, in order to be able to sell their clothes at such low prices, many high street stores use materials which are of a lesser quality and which are manufactured in foreign factories by less skilled workers. Most people who buy designer abels do say that they would rather pay higher prices for high quality clothing which will last a long time.

Women's Designer Clothes for Originality

One of the main problems that many women cite with buying their clothes from the high street is that they are mass produced and many different stores produce almost identical versions of clothing, imitated from the originals on the catwalk. This means that it is possible to find yourself wearing the same outfit as someone else in a bar or restaurant. With designer labels you can expect a degree of exclusivity, with not as many versions of each on sale.

Source by Jessica L Moss